SC32/WG2 Terms of Reference

Title: Metadata

Area of Work: To develop and maintain standards that facilitate specification and management of metadata. Use of these standards will enhance the understanding and sharing of data, information and processes to support, for example, interoperability, electronic commerce and component-based development. The scope shall include:

  1. a framework for specifying and managing metadata;
  2. specification and management of data elements, structures and their associated semantics;
  3. specification and management of value domains, such as classification and code schemes;
  4. specification and management of data about processes and behaviour;
  5. facilities to manage metadata, for example: data dictionaries, repositories, information resource dictionary systems, registries and glossaries;
  6. facilities to exchange metadata, including its semantics, over the Internet, intranets and other media.

SC32 Terms of Reference

SC32/WG2 is a Working Group within ISO/IEC JTC1 SC32 (see Organization Chart).  SC32 has a broader area of work.  The following are the Terms of Reference for SC32:

Title: Data Management and Interchange

Area of Work: Standards for data management within and among local and distributed information systems environments. SC32 provides enabling technologies to promote harmonization of data management facilities across sector-specific areas. Specifically, SC32 standards include:

  1. reference models and frameworks for the coordination of existing and emerging standards;
  2. definition of data domains, data types and data structures, and their associated semantics;
  3. languages, services and protocols for persistent storage, concurrent access, concurrent update and interchange of data;
  4. methods, languages, services and protocols to structure, organize and register metadata and other information resources associated with sharing and interoperability, including electronic commerce.

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Last Updated: 2005-01-03